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Best spots to watch the sunset in Milos and take the best pictures

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Have you not yet visited Kleftiko, the cave of Sykia, Cape Vani or even the island of Poliegos? Do you want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay of Gerakas and the beach of Gerontas? You are in the right place!

The best locations in Milos to enjoy the sun while it is going down

Panagia Korfiatissa Plaka

This is the most popular place on Milos island for watching the sunset. People come with a glass of wine from the nearby bars and patiently wait for the sun to set and fill the port entrance below with the most amazing colors. The place is a small cobbled terrace outside of the church of Panagia Korfiatissa, with a large front balcony which overlooks a part of Adamas bay. Here, you can watch the sunset as well as the night ferries serenely coming and going from the port. This spot, being popular among tourists, is usually packed during summer sunsets, so either come early to secure your spot at the front, or keep reading to explore some equally great alternatives.

Castle of Plaka

At the top of Plaka hill you will find a small church of Panagia, built at the walls of the Venetian historical castle, with an amazing 360 view over the island and the sea. Come here to watch the sunset with your friends or loved ones, at full peacefulness. There are quite a few stairs to go up the castle passing through the village of Plaka, so not many choose to make the effort, but the view is really rewarding. If the day is good and the sky is clear, one can see a large part of the island. Also, the stair pathway which leads to the top is worth noticing. The remains of the castle walls, the small houses snuggled in the rocks, and their usually very neat flower gardens all look warm and welcoming.

Tripiti square

At the village of Tripiti, right over Klima, there is a hidden picturesque plaza with a magnificent view of the sunset. Placed in between two buildings right by the main alley of the village, with its old-fashioned lampposts and its park benches, the little square plaza comes right out of a fairytale. There are two restaurants at the sides of the square which place their tables on the plaza, so you can choose to eat your dinner while watching the sunset, or just sit on the front-row bench and enjoy the view.

Klima village

The fishing village of Klima is mostly known for the colorful boat house doors, which lure tourists all day long for a photo in front of them or a walk by the sea. But the view of the sunset from this spot is also very nice, as the sun sets and paints all the houses in orange and red hues. At the middle of the village you will find a cute little restaurant with tables right by the sea, which offers fantastic food along with a comfortable view of the Klima sunset.

Kleftiko with a boat tour

The most alternative and unique way to watch the sunset is on a boat at the most beautiful place in Milos: Kleftiko. The imposing rocks painted in the sunset colors is a view not to be missed. And, probably you will be one of the few seeing this view, as the only ones there will be you and the sailboats staying there for the night. Either a sunset tour to South Milos, or a whole day boat trip, both can end at Kleftiko watching the sunset before heading back to base. Learn more here!

Plathiena beach (early in the summer June)

The beach of Plathiena is located at the north side of the island and is very close to Plaka village. Up to June or early July you can see the sun setting in the water, while swimming at this beautiful sandy beach, or drinking a coffee at the beach bar. This beach is not very known among tourists but is mostly appreciated by locals who enjoy the beach with their families and friends.


pack your pic-nic bags and head for a full day of exploration at the west side of the island. There are a lot of lonely yet equally wonderful beaches at this part of the island, like the three consecutive beaches of Agios Ioannis, Triades, and Ammoudaraki. Getting there is not going to be easy, as the gravel road makes the ride quite bumpy. But the pure untouched environment will make you forget everything. You will find yourself occupied with tasks like searching for seashells, collecting the extraordinary pearl-black sand found at spots, or snorkeling for hours. And the sunset at this unique environment will be the best reward.


The island of Milos is a place where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, known and isolated. By renting the right boat from Poseidon Milos Boat Rental, you can enjoy daily excursions to the island. By renting a boat you will discover in Milos every idyllic part of our island.

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