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Where to stay in Milos: 5 best areas to explore this amazing island

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Have you not yet visited Kleftiko, the cave of Sykia, Cape Vani or even the island of Poliegos? Do you want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay of Gerakas and the beach of Gerontas? You are in the right place!

Let's explore Milo's best areas to stay in during your summer holidays.

Whether you’re part of a group, alone or traveling with kids, Milos has a little something for everyone. Once you decide to take a trip to this incredible island you’ll most likely be wondering where the best place to stay in Milos is.

This guide will do a deep-dive into ten villages in Milos. Milos definitely gets more packed in the summer months, so if you don’t mind the crowds, you’ll experience relaxing, long days and exciting, warm nights.

Whenever you decide to go to Milos, just make sure to book early and plan accordingly. Tours and accommodation book up quickly.

Luckily, there are accommodation options for every desire and every budget, including luxury hotels, AirBnBs, shared rooms and apartments and even a couple of hostels. Keep reading to find the best place to stay in Milos for your vacation.

1. Adamas

Adamas, or Adamantas as it is known to the Greeks, is the central hub and the biggest village of Milos, with over 1,300 people calling it home. As the main port of Milos, Adamas is a stunning sea-side village with some of the best seafood and island views on all of Milos.

Founded in 1835 by Sfakian refugees escaping Crete after the failure of their rebellion against the Turks, Adamas has an incredibly rich history, specifically because the village was used for its strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean during conflicts.

Now, Adamas is a tourist and cultural hub with much to see and do. As you explore the charming streets and alleyways, you’ll see why many tourists choose to stay here even after their vacation has ended.

2. Pollonia

Unlike the hustle and bustle of Adamas, Pollonia is a fairly quiet, picturesque and family-friendly village on the northeastern corner of Milos.

During the summer months, Pollonia transforms into a bumping spot for chic vacationers. But, the village still retains a certain rustic charm about it, making it a great getaway for those hoping to avoid the major crowds.

The big attraction here is Pollonia Beach. If you feel like it, lay your towels down under a shady tamarisk tree with a glass of wine and watch the kids play along the white sand and in warm, shallow waters for the whole day.

If you prefer to sightsee and are looking for some adventure, keep reading. Because Pollonia is so small, you can see much of the village just by walking along the seaside and checking out the windy pier, which will give you great views of the bay.

3. Plaka

Where to stay in Milos: 5 best areas to explore this amazing island
The capital of Milos, Plaka Milou is a charming town and a vibrant, bustling mini-city sitting atop a hill. Though it now teems with modern features, Plaka has an enticing past seen in its traditional Cycladic architecture.

After the destruction of the village of Hora in ancient times, there was no room for the mass amount of refugees in neighboring Kastro. Thus, Plaka was born out of material sourced by the new settlers from their crumbling homes.
One notable feature of Plaka is the twisting, often confusing alleyways. Legend says the streets were made intentionally maze-like to confuse invading pirates – whatever the case, cars are not allowed here. If you’re hoping for a set of wheels, look into getting a moped or bicycle to explore.

4. Tripiti

Many may assume that the village of Tripiti is just an extension of Plaka. But, the village is a unique gem in its own right with an incredibly rich history. In the past, Tripiti was an especially prosperous village in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

Tripiti literally means “holes” in Greek, which may come from the number of “holes” or burial sites that dot the hillsides of Tripiti.

Standing stately on a hill, Tripiti is home to several white windmills located at its highest point. Though they are no longer in use, remember these – some you can even stay overnight in!

5. Klima

Sail up to Klima and you’ll instantly fall in love with this magical, whitewashed Greek haven, straight out of an Aegean fairytale. Once a major commercial fishing hub, the town has become far more relaxed.

Only a few residents live here full-time, so there is a smaller amount of restaurants, accommodation options and souvenir shops. But, there is still an enchanting charm about Klima you won’t find anywhere else.

Your eye will instantly be drawn to the colorful boat houses lining the waterfront with their vibrant yellow, pink, red and blue doors and windows.

Make sure to bring a fully charged camera or phone; you’ll be taking tons of pictures of the scenic view and of the vibrant sunset that dawns on the town each night.

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