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Milos: a volcanic greek island, with unforgettable charm

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Have you not yet visited Kleftiko, the cave of Sykia, Cape Vani or even the island of Poliegos? Do you want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay of Gerakas and the beach of Gerontas? You are in the right place!

Milos, Greece: 12 Best Things To Do

Milos: a volcanic greek island, with unforgettable charm. Spend your days here soaking up the island’s time-old traditions, laid-back charm, and slow pace of life. The most beautiful part of Milos is its endless beautiful beaches, complete with white rock formations, and the deep blue Aegean sea. Milos’ understated character, and undeniable beauty, truly make it feel like the Greece you see in movies. Enjoy all the top things to do in Milos!

5 x Things to do in Milos, Greece

Milos is small and close to the other Cyclades, making it a perfect stop on a Greece island hopping trip! Once you’re on the island, you can drive anywhere in just 40 minutes! This makes it perfect for travelers looking to explore. Milos’s horseshoe shape creates a home for awesome beaches, rock formations, and sea caves with clear water that’s excellent for snorkeling.

1. Plaka, Milos

Plaka, the beautiful capital of Milos, sits on top of a rock formation overlooking the sea. The traditional Greek stone pathways lead between white cottages and vibrant blue doors, with pink flowers creeping up the walls. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of streets, as they were made this way to confuse pirates!

Its high vantage point makes it an excellent place to see views out across the sea and the rest of Milos. Enjoy slow evenings here, eating food outside, people watching, and enjoying one of the epic Milos sunsets.

Tip: Plaka is a great place to stay on your trip to Milos. It’s close to many of the top things to do in Milos, and it’s home to beautiful churches, museums, and island walking paths.

2. Sunset or Sunrise at Plaka Castle

This has to be one of the most memorable things to do in Milos! All that’s left of this old Venetian castle is the old walls, and in its place is a beautiful white-domed church that sits high up on the hill above the sea. It’s a short hike to the top, and well worth it for the stunning views. We recommend getting up for sunrise to have this place all to yourself and see the soft dawn colors over the island.

3. Kleftiko Beach, Milos

Once you visit Kleftiko Beach, you won’t ever want to leave! Huge white cliffs and rock formations tower out over the gorgeous clear sea. Because of how these rocks have been formed, there are lots of archways and small pools, which are fantastic for snorkeling. Beautiful colored fish can be seen everywhere at Kleftiko Beach in Milos.

All of this makes Kleftiko Beach the most iconic beach on the whole island. This popularity means you’ll see many snorkeling and boat tours advertised, which normally leave from other coastal towns on the island. Afterward, relax on the boat or lie on one of the flat rocks near the sea, jumping off into the cool water. Make sure to spot the wild goats that roam nearby!

4. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Another popular beach on Milos is the stunning moonlike landscapes of Sarakiniko. The whiteness and shapes of the rocks are more like another world than a typical beach. Its exposed position means that over time the winds and waves have shaped the cliffs and rocks into unique shapes, bridges, and archways for you to jump off and explore from. There’s also a shipwreck to take photos of and swim out to.

You can get there by bus or by renting an ATV or moped and zooming across the island.

5. A Boat Tour around Milos wih our team

The size of the island and the multitude of coves and swimming spots make it the perfect place to take a boat trip. Our boat trips will pick you up and take you to numerous spots throughout the island, including snorkeling, and even lunch if you opt for the full-day trip.

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The island of Milos is a place where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, known and isolated. By renting the right boat from Poseidon Milos Boat Rental, you can enjoy daily excursions to the island. By renting a boat you will discover in Milos every idyllic part of our island.

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