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Things to do in Milos for families - how can everyone have fun?

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Have you not yet visited Kleftiko, the cave of Sykia, Cape Vani or even the island of Poliegos? Do you want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay of Gerakas and the beach of Gerontas? You are in the right place!

How can families with kids have fun in Milos and enjoy their time?

Things to do in Milos for families

Despite its relatively small size, you could spend a week on Milos with your family and still not see it all! But that’s not really the aim. Instead, relax into your family vacation in Greece, and pick and choose the activities and sights to see that appeal to you most.

Take a Catamaran around Milos

No family vacation in Greece is complete without experiencing at least some sailing, and so this catamaran trip around Milos is ideal. Sail around the island, where you’ll have the chance to see beaches accessible only from the sea, witness spectacular views, and perhaps even see dolphins playing in the water! This full-day includes a tasty lunch, and plenty of time to soak up the sun, and play in the sea. 

Take a 4WD adventure around Milos

If the weather is too windy or you just don’t feel like sailing, then explore the island on a 4WD trip instead! This fully customizable tour will enable your family to see parts of the island unreachable by normal vehicles, and the friendly driver will give a running commentary of the area, history, and places you are visiting. Not only is this a good way to see the island, but also to find out about life there! 

Go island hopping and visit Kimolos for a day!

Kimolos island is near Milos and just as beautiful but quieter. It features amazing beaches, archaeological findings, picturesque villages, outstanding food and more. Get the feeling of another Cycladic island and join a Day trip to Kimolos from Milos with your family. This Kids Love Greece Private Tour for families is guided by a local expert insider and fully customizable. You will go to Kimolos by ferry and discover the island by road.

Taste great food

And last, but certainly not least, the food! Milos has tavernas, cafes and beach restaurants around every corner, each one seeming to serve tastier food than the last!

There’s also a couple of local delicacies that you should try out, especially the watermelon pie! Most visitors to Milos eat at O! Hamos at least once, and we also highly recommend it. It has a wonderful setting, handwritten menus, and a wide selection of dishes to choose from. They also have postcards featuring the recipes they use that you can take home with you.


The island of Milos is a place where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, known and isolated. By renting the right boat from Poseidon Milos Boat Rental, you can enjoy daily excursions to the island. By renting a boat you will discover in Milos every idyllic part of our island.


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